Thursday, October 20, 2011

Progress on the Wild West Frontier Board

A quick post to show some progress on the Wild West terrain. Decided to add some Rocky bases to scatter around the table for cover.

Easy to make. Cut some 1/8 inch MDF into rounded triangles and squares. Stack some broken up pieces of cork tile, some directly to the mdf and some on top of small hills made out of foam to get some height. After applying thinned white glue to the bases around the cork pieces, scatter some smaller cork pieces to represent rock fall, then apply some medium ballast (on top of the cork rock fall) and finally fine ballast all over. Applying the ground work by going biggest to smallest helps to blend in the large pieces. The cacti are from the plastic Pegasus Hobbies set and the little bushes are The Army Painter battlefield tufts. How easy? I did these pieces in one night while watching my buddies play Malifaux.

WIP - Lilith Crew

Here is what I have been working on recently.

The bases are just cork tiles broken up to look like rocky crags. As you can see, I'm sticking with the new priming method I first used on Seamus' crew. Start with white primer (in this case P3 white primer) then apply a devlan mud wash to pick out the detail, makes the painting process so much easier when you can see all the little details. Check back for some progress pics.
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