Friday, March 23, 2012

Forged in Battle

I just picked up my order for the Forged in Battle M8's and Jeeps for my US Tank Company. The M8's are packaged 3 to a clampack and the Jeeps are 4 to a clampack. Comprising Resin and White Metal parts the castings on these are excellent. I just had one jeep with a chip on the front hood. Only downside (for me) is the molded on bases, it doesn't affect them in terms of gameplay, I just prefer my vehicles unbased.

On the M8's I decided to model the 50. cal's as if they were on a ring mount on top of the turret. It's wrong, I know, but I just like the look of it. As modeled they are supposed to go on the rear of the turret as some M8's were fitted with them in this position for AA duty.

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