Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1500 Point US Tank Company - Finished

I finally managed to Finish off the Sherman Platoons, so that means my 1500 point Flames of War army is done. Well until the PSC M3 halftracks are released, need those to finish off the Armored Rifles, but for now they'll have to go to battle on foot. I'll add another post in a few days with more detailed pics of the complete army, here are some overall army pics.

::front to back: 1x Tank Co HQ, 2x 75mm Tank Platoons, 1x 76mm Tank Platoon::

::The Complete 1500 US Tank Company::

Whats the next project? My brother and I picked up the Field of Glory Ancients rule set and decided to do a classic match-up, I'll be doing the Alexandrian Macedonian's while my brother is doing the Persians in 15mm. I decided to go with Xyston for the figures, amazing sculpts, but a bit on the large size, they're more like 18mm. I figure as long as I stick with Xyston and not mix figures from other manufacturers it'll be fine. At the moment I'm still going through and organizing them into battle groups and prepping them for priming.

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