Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fantasy Terrain - WIP

I just picked up Warmachine for the first time and am in the process of putting together my Mercenary Pirates Battlegroup. While I'm waiting for things to arrive from distributors, I figured I'd start on some Fantasy Terrain. While building the Bolt Action buildings the most time consuming part was making doors and windows. So with that thought I wanted to streamline the process for the fantasy buildings, and future building projects if this one works. I'm going to try to make resin castings of a couple different styles of doors and windows. I spent the day making some masters out of plastic strip and sheet. After chopping, carving, sanding and gluing I ended up with 5 window designs and 3 doors.

I just need to make a mold box and pour the RTV. The idea is make some simple buildings out of foamcore, glue on some of the castings and with some additional detailing turn out some cool fantasy buildings.

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