Thursday, August 9, 2012

WIP - Saga: Viking Warband

 Some Work In Progress pics of the Viking Warband.

An overall shot of the 4 point warband starting from the back row, left to right: Hearthguard unit, Warlord, Hearthguard unit (the berserkers), Warriors with swords, and warriors with spears. They are all missing shields which will be painted separately. I decided to arm them for easy identification on the table top. The Gripping Beast Hirdmen box went together pretty easy, took me an evening to put together. Only complaint would be the limited amount of poses available in the box.

Close up of the Berserkers, for these I used the Warlord Games Ancient Germans box. Nice action poses and they fit right in size wise with the Gripping Beast plastics. At this point I'm waiting on an order for bases and they'll be ready for paint.


  1. Wait, you're getting into SAGA too? Dang how many Viking players are there at the store now?

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  3. Any luck on finding some extra berserkers in the leftovers from that Warlords Games Ancient Germans box?

  4. Sorry totally forgot, just checked my stash and I have enough parts to make 4 Berserkers, I'll TRY and remember to bring them Friday to the Club.

  5. Yeah thanks to you and Dan! I mentioned it in my first Saga post watching you and Dan playing as the reason why I picked it up lol.

    Well it came down to Normans or Vikings, but we didn't have any of the plastic Normans at the time. Steve finished up an Anglo-Dane and Norman warband, already and now he's working on a Welsh warband...

  6. Haha, well I should finish putting together my Jomsvikings then.


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