Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bolt Action US Infantry

I managed to get some shots of my US Infantry from Warlord Games. Unfortunately the pics came out a bit dark, hopefully when I complete the next batch of Infantry I can do a complete Army shot with some better lighting.

 ::Combat Platoon::
 ::Squad One::
  ::Squad Two::
 ::Squad One::
 ::Squad Two::
::Sniper Team::

So far I have a Reinforced Combat Platoon consisting of two 8 Man Squads, a 1st Lieutenant, a Veteran Medic, a Sniper Team, a Sherman 75, and an M8 Greyhound. For my first game of Bolt Action I was playing against the Russians played by Tony who was also playing his first game. We agreed to play a 500 point game so minus the Sniper team and Greyhound this put me at 491 points.

We rolled up Top Secret for the scenario, which means everything starts in reserve and moves onto the table. The objective of the game is to secure secret documents set up in the middle of the table and retrieve the info by running it off your table edge. My first unit to move on was my Sherman which I moved up to cover the objective to make Tony think twice about trying to capture the documents. Once all the units moved on, we started taking pot shots at each other across the table. Eventually my Sherman got assaulted and destroyed, and it went downhill from there. The same Russian unit that destroyed my Sherman then went on to assault one of my squads, and in Bolt Action its a fight to the Death. The assaulting unit has the advantage as any casualties inflicted are removed and whatever is left get to fight back. He was running full 12 man squads while I had only had 8, so I was outmatched in close combat and he destroyed my squad. Even so, I managed to get the Secret documents to within a turn of running off my table edge and winning. It all came down to whose order die was pulled first at the start of turn 5. Tony's order die came up first and he ordered his squad, the same squad that destroyed the Sherman and wiped out my squad in an assault, to gun down the courier. At that point I had just one squad left, so we decided to call it.

My lesson from that game is that you really need to put more units on the table to generate order dice. I started with 5 and the Russians had 9, so his chances of activating units when he needed to were pretty good. 

After the game we realized we messed up on some of the rules. The Sherman would have survived the assault (we misread the Tank Assault rules) and possibly changing the outcome of the game, and also using my medic to save an NCO from his sniper.

I'm currently painting up another two full 12 man squads of Infantry with extra BARS (to run as vets if I want), a Bazooka Team, and a Forward Air/Artillery Observer. I also plan to paint up a Medium Mortar team and three LMG teams.


  1. Hola, quería pedir un favor, me gustaría saber cuantas armas Bazooka puedo obtener de una caja bolt action de infantería americana.

    Hello, I wanted to ask a favor, I wonder how many guns Bazooka I get a box of American infantry bolt action.

  2. Quiero hacer un juego de guerra y necesito al menos 5 Bazooka para el juego, tanto para américa como Alemania.

    I want to make a war game and I need at least 5 Bazooka for the game, both for America and Germany.


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