Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Killer Kans

While surfing the Waaagh forums, I came across a post from someone who used the Pegasus Hobbies Chemical Plant kit as the basis for his Killer Kans.

::Pegasus Hobbies Chemical Plant::

The small Chemical tanks looked pretty good as a base for the body, but the one thing I didn't really like was he used the pipes in the kit to make "Bender" style arms and legs which was too retro sci-fi looking to me. So after picking up the Chemical Plant set I just started building really with no plan, I just came up with stuff as I went along.

::Assembled Killer Kan Bodies::

I'm planning to make 2 units of 3 Killer Kans each. The great thing about these Kans is that they are cheap, from one of the Chemical Plant sets you can assemble 12 Killer Kans and have a ton of parts left over. I plan to use the larger tanks for an Ork Mek Town.

::Added Feet and Close Combat Arms::

I was stuck on the legs for them because I wanted to fit them onto 40mm bases and tried making the GW style legs but they ended up being too wide. In the end I went for a Gargant style where the feet just poke out from under the body. I really dig how they look like mini Gargants and it fits in with my idea of Orks being cartoony. The buzz saws were made with an old WHFB plain round shield with plastic triangles glued along its edge.

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