Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terrain Project

Here are some WIP shots of a terrain project I've been working on. I've been making some Wild West frontier terrain to go with my Malifaux stuff. I'm going to have two rows of buildings, maybe one or two stand alone buildings, cactus stands and some sandstone piles to lay out on the table. I figure that's enough terrain to fill Malifaux's rather small 3' x 3' playing area.

The buildings are made of thick mat board, with wood craft sticks glued on for planking. The base is on a piece of foamcore, which helps to elevate the wooden sidewalks. I used Colonel O'truth's dimensions: Walls are 50mm high, Doors are 18mm wide by 35mm high, Windows are 20mm wide by 24 mm high and the entire building being roughly 100mm by 120mm in size. A bit undersized for Malifaux's 32mm scale. But since these buildings don't have any interiors they are basically big LOS blocking terrain pieces that look cool.

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