Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kirai Starter Box

A buddy of mine picked up a Kirai Box set but has been out of the hobby a while and didn't have the tools to put together his miniatures. So I told him I'd put it together for him, my brother did the miniature clean-up while I concentrated on the bases.

The bamboo walkways were made with evergreen rod cut to length and glued down. The straps that hold them together are sculpted from green stuff (kneadatite). The bamboo shoots were made by melting the ends of plastic rod and gluing them together using a plastic liquid cement. The mushrooms on Kirai and Datsu-Ba's base are plastic rod mushroomed on one end with a lighter.

Monday, September 26, 2011

WIP - Copycat Killer

Wanting to complete Seamus' crew, I started on the Copycat Killer, Work In Progress pic below.

Seamus Starter Box - Finished

These were actually completed about a week ago, and posted, but I didn't like the picture quality so decided to take down the post and re-shoot the miniatures. In the meantime I have been working on the additions to Seamus' crew; Copycat Killer, Crooked Men, The Hanged and Bete Noir. As soon as I finish these off I'll be starting on my recently purchased Lilith Crew box and a pack of Young Nephilim.

Looking them over I can see I need to make smoother transitions in the highlights, as it is rough on some of them. Having not painted anything larger than 15mm scale in 8 or 10 years, I'm pretty happy with them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seamus Red Chapel Crew

I have most of the starter box painted, I just need to finish up the bases and some detail work. I also purchased a couple packs today (Bete Noire, The Hanged, Crooked Men, and a Copycat Killer) to fill out Seamus' crew and get him up to 35 SS's. Looking forward to finishing up my first Malifaux crew.

::Ratty's Malifaux Page::

I've been using an awesome crew creator application by Ratty of the Official Wyrd forums to create my crew. Be sure to check out the rest of his site as he has downloadable counters, templates and other useful things for Malifaux!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seamus Painting Progress

After cutting, what seems like, hundreds of planks for my Wild West buildings I decided to take a break and start painting Seamus and his crew. Here are some Work In Progress shots of what I've done so far.

I should note that I typically use a Black Primer base coat, so this is a first for me using White Primer. Using Black generally makes it look dark and grimy, which I actually prefer most of the time on my miniatures. But for this set I wanted the clothing to be bright and vibrant. I'm going for flashy Undead hookers...

I also need to get some more units for Seamus to get his SS total to 35. I'm definitely grabbing a Copycat Killer and some Crooked Men as their Shafted ability go really well with the Belles ability to lure enemy models into them.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Swamp Terrain

Here are some shots I took of my brothers Malifaux Swamp board. Sorry for the lack of quality, I had to use my phones 3MP camera.

The terrain features are separate pieces crafted from foamcore, craft sticks and poly foam. the trees are the only commercially bought item, they are from Woodland Scenics. The base is a 3'x3' piece of MDF sprayed various shades of brown and green then 30 min epoxy was poured and stippled over the surface with crumpled up paper. All the pieces can be rearranged to form different layouts.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terrain Project

Here are some WIP shots of a terrain project I've been working on. I've been making some Wild West frontier terrain to go with my Malifaux stuff. I'm going to have two rows of buildings, maybe one or two stand alone buildings, cactus stands and some sandstone piles to lay out on the table. I figure that's enough terrain to fill Malifaux's rather small 3' x 3' playing area.

The buildings are made of thick mat board, with wood craft sticks glued on for planking. The base is on a piece of foamcore, which helps to elevate the wooden sidewalks. I used Colonel O'truth's dimensions: Walls are 50mm high, Doors are 18mm wide by 35mm high, Windows are 20mm wide by 24 mm high and the entire building being roughly 100mm by 120mm in size. A bit undersized for Malifaux's 32mm scale. But since these buildings don't have any interiors they are basically big LOS blocking terrain pieces that look cool.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Malifaux Dreamer

Already adding another Malifaux crew...I just picked up a Dreamer/Lord Chompy Bits box, a pack of Daydreams and a pack of Alps. This is what I originally wanted to paint/play but due to it being sold out at my local distributor I went with the Seamus Box. I'll start on these after I complete my Red Chapel crew, which still needs a couple more models to bring the SS total to 35. Now I just need to figure out what units I want to add...

Malifaux - Seamus Assembled and Primed

Got my Red Chapel Gang Starter Box all assembled and primed. Now I just have to paint them up!

Scattered around them you can see some Crystalline Counters I found from Three Sages Games. They look like little crystals and are available in a several different colors. I'll be using them to mark status effects during the game. I also picked up a pack of the 30mm bases from Privateer Press today to make some Corpse counters, just need to look for suitable corpses to model on the bases.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Killer Kans

While surfing the Waaagh forums, I came across a post from someone who used the Pegasus Hobbies Chemical Plant kit as the basis for his Killer Kans.

::Pegasus Hobbies Chemical Plant::

The small Chemical tanks looked pretty good as a base for the body, but the one thing I didn't really like was he used the pipes in the kit to make "Bender" style arms and legs which was too retro sci-fi looking to me. So after picking up the Chemical Plant set I just started building really with no plan, I just came up with stuff as I went along.

::Assembled Killer Kan Bodies::

I'm planning to make 2 units of 3 Killer Kans each. The great thing about these Kans is that they are cheap, from one of the Chemical Plant sets you can assemble 12 Killer Kans and have a ton of parts left over. I plan to use the larger tanks for an Ork Mek Town.

::Added Feet and Close Combat Arms::

I was stuck on the legs for them because I wanted to fit them onto 40mm bases and tried making the GW style legs but they ended up being too wide. In the end I went for a Gargant style where the feet just poke out from under the body. I really dig how they look like mini Gargants and it fits in with my idea of Orks being cartoony. The buzz saws were made with an old WHFB plain round shield with plastic triangles glued along its edge.

Malifaux Bases Part 2

Added the layer of Green Stuff over the plastic sidewalk. Now to mount the figures, prime and paint!

Updated with pics of all the finished bases.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flames of War Germans

I found some Pics of my 15mm German Grenadiers for the WWII game Flames of War by Battlefront Miniatures.

::Grenadier Command Base::

::German Grenadier kompanie Platoons::

Unfortunately a few weeks after these were finished, I was made an offer I couldn't refuse, so they have a new owner. I've always wanted to restart my first Flames of War army the US GI's (sold them too...) and am planning on picking up the new Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Plastic Americans (Shermans, Halftracks and maybe the Infantry) when they are released.

Malifaux Bases

I recently picked up Malifaux and wanted to do some themed basing for my Seamus and Red Chapel Crew. With Seamus being a Jack the Ripper type character, it was an easy decision to go with some Cobblestone Street/Sidewalk bases. Here is my first attempt at sculpting cobblestone streets.

Pretty simple really. Just some green putty spread out over the base and cutting in the cobblestones with a sculpting tool. I cut a piece of sheet plastic roughly into a circle and after sanding and checking for a tight fit chopped it roughly in half. After the initial putty layer dries, I plan on adding a thin layer over the plastic "Sidewalk" and cutting in a brick type pattern.

Malifaux Seamus

My current project is the Red Chapel Gang box for the game Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures. I'm still debating on how I want to paint the crew, layered blending or the Steve Dean style with strong layered contrasts. I started by modelling the bases first as I like to assemble and base miniatures for painting. I'm well underway on the assembly phase and hope to get some painting started soon.
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